Tuning Memory

Sam Barnett-Cormack s.barnett-cormack at lancaster.ac.uk
Mon Nov 24 23:59:42 UTC 2003

On Mon, 24 Nov 2003, Darwin Zins wrote:

> I was running Mandrake 9.1 and I very rarely used the swapfile.
> Fedora, is swapping my applications out and using the ram for file
> cache.  Is there any way to change this?  To make it so that it never
> swaps applications out unless it absolutely has to?
> Right now for example my system has been sitting idle for the last few
> hours, the file cache has grown and grown in memory use, while User has
> gotten smaller and smaller and the swapfile has grown in use.  Right
> now I would say 80% of my ram is in use by cache and 20% by
> User/Shared/Buffers and the swapfile has 70MB in it that must be from
> User.
> Any help would be greatly appreciated,

The apps that are swapped out are probably literally doing nothing. Mine
memory usage over 1gig of RAM is like that on my
workstation-come-DB-server and performance is excellent.


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