recommendations on TIVO cards?

Alexandre Strube surak at
Mon Nov 24 23:44:31 UTC 2003

Em Dom, 2003-11-23 às 04:13, bishop escreveu:
> As far as I've read on the MythTV(.org) stuff, it seems that the 
> Hauppauge cards at *the* most supported card out there.  They're 
> incredibly popular.

About 1/3 of the linux-video messages are about saa7134 and this
hauppage.. each. I don't know if this hauppage boards use this chips, if
yes, then I would strongly recommend a US$10 bt878 from ebay :-)

> As we've already learned that the Hauppauge cards are TV-*in* only, the 
> next recommendation is a Matrox G400 card.  It seems to have the best 
> TV-out capability under Linux.

And there's a patch for it which improves greatly tv output...

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