raise window on-click

Gregory Gulik greg at gulik.org
Tue Nov 25 04:02:18 UTC 2003

I'm so glad other people agree.  I was just about to file a bug report. 
  I started upgrading all of my RH9 PCs to Fedora but that one "feature" 
has kept me from getting past the first two.  I find it moderately 
annoying, my wife (who uses NT/XP most of the time) finds it virtually 

It really MUST be an option.

Ben Steeves wrote:
> Argh, what a terrible change from a usability point of view.  I know
> this is common in old X window managers (is there really such thing as a
> "default" UNIX window manager? :-), but just 'cos that's the way it was
> always done doesn't make it right.  
> At the very least it should be an option.  Click-to-focus isn't the same
> behaviour because the click that focuses also raises.  I *hate* that.  I
> want to have the rear window have focus without coming to the front, and
> without fancy combinations of clicking and alt-tabbing around.  

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