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Iain Buchanan iain at pcorp.com.au
Tue Nov 25 05:34:22 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 14:18, Jeff Mayrand wrote:
> In fact here is a whole thread on focus policy...

> If you want to be able to customise things further, install a different
> window manager. Sawfish would be the obvious choice for GNOME, since
> it's actively maintained and allows you to customise as much as you want

I tried that just then.  Now I remember that from past versions of
redhat.  Yes it does exactly what I want (in terms of window focus)...
except now I don't have the same selection of window borders.  In fact,
in menu-> preferences-> theme-> theme details; the window border option
has gone.  And the one I use (ageing gorilla) isn't in sawfish-ui... 
(Where will this end?!)

> (although whether the customisations are easy or not is another
> question).

Easy enough.  But just because it may not be easy isn't a good enough
reason to drop customisation completely and force one set of options for
all.  The better solution would be to default to those options, and let
mad people like me customise them if they want.

>  Completely dropping GNOME and installing KDE is obviously an
> overreaction -- there are less intrusive changes you can make to use a
> different window manager.

I agree.  KDE has its own problems :)
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