Can't find advanced Gnome settings on FC1, what happened?

Merc zenmerc at
Tue Nov 25 06:06:10 UTC 2003


Regarding Advanced Settings, why focus-follows-mouse should work such
and such way...

On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 23:41, Jim Clark wrote:
> Evidently, GNOME developer's 'just works' philosophy is not being
> recieved as well by everyone. Check out the thread on the
> focus-click-raise issue, which just so happens to be the reason I
> started this thread.  User interfaces need to be customizable in some
> areas because users can't agree on the "proper" way things should work.
> Hopefully GNOME will see a richer set of options in the future.
> thanks for the reply.
> Jim
> On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 19:11, Gordon Messmer wrote:
> > Jim Clark wrote:
> > > After installing FC1, I can't seem to find the panel for setting advance 
> > > settings for Gnome. Has anyone else experienced the same thing?
> > 
> > What "advance settings"?  The GNOME developers have been mostly working 
> > on software that "just works" rather than sofware with a million 
> > configuration options.

People who like to fiddle and aren't daunted at the prospect of changing
their window manager are free to do so.  You're on a linux system with
GNU utilities.  Go for broke.

I love the executive design decisions that RedHat has made with regard
to it's desktops since RH8.  Excessive options do not a good interface
make.  It IS possible to build a good UI without offering every option
in the world to make everyone happy (we're all humans afterall, there
are common threads in our experience and ways of looking at things).

The RedHat desktops are great for a silent majority of desktop users who
really couldn't care less, and just want to get work done.  

I can't find a thing wrong with Fedora's GUI.  And this is coming from
someone who started with Linux on his 486 and fvwm, I've seen it all.  I
understand liking options, and that's why ftp sites carry the source
code or RPMs for hundreds of window managers.  Don't crucify RedHat for
standardizing on one so that more important things, like system
stability and performance, can be focused on.

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