The Fedora Core release notes suck!

Merc zenmerc at
Tue Nov 25 06:19:03 UTC 2003


On Mon, 2003-11-24 at 13:04, Andrew wrote:

> I agree here.  I think that the average user will not understand the
> ability up2date has to make their life a breeze.  I also propose that we
> have a community page that lists GOOD yum/apt repositories and a brief
> on them.  
> The average Joe is not going to look through newsgroups or mail
> lists.  
> Andrew

I third that emotion, as I stated in an earlier thread a hand-holding
into the world of community-supported repositories is sorely needed. 
However, where this would go is the question.  I guess someone just
throws up a domain and does the work?  There needs to be SOME component
of Fedora, or RedHat's Fedora pages, that points to such a thing...

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