block-major-135 and Kernel questions

Chris Kloiber ckloiber at
Tue Nov 25 06:47:50 UTC 2003

On Tue, 2003-11-25 at 09:29, AuntieParticle wrote:
> I got the old kernel removed just fine. Thanks.
> More on the "modprobe: modprobe can't locate module block-major-135" 
> problem: I have noticed that it's not just  block-major-135 but a whole 
> list of block-major-XXX. I am unable to read all the numbers because 
> they go by so quickly. Is there some sort of boot log I can refer to so 
> that I can read the errors at a speed at which my eyes can focus. I have 
> also noticed that they happen right after the "Checking for new 
> Hardware" section of the boot. So I am wondering if FC1 is just not 
> happy about not finding any new hardware :) I have tried out my printer, 
> CD-RW, and Zip drive and everything works just fine in FC1 once it boots 
> all the way. I am just very curious about the errors.

# dmesg | less

Will show you the kernel boot log.

As someone else mentioned, it seems that stopping the 'smartd' service
(for monitoring SMART compliant hard drives) will stop this spam. It's
all harmless though.

Chris Kloiber
Red Hat, Inc.

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