raise window on-click

Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Tue Nov 25 07:58:32 UTC 2003

Gordon Messmer wrote:
> Rob Park wrote:
>> BUT, sometimes I DO want to raise the window, and it's *so* much 
>> easier to be able to click anywhere than to be restricted to the title 
>> bar.
> Alt + Mouse 1
> Problem solved.

This is not a solution. Why do I have to hold down the ALT button to 
perform an action that I previously did NOT have to hold the ALT button 
for? Just because? That's not a good reason.

>> Actually, now that I'm ranting about it anyway, GNOME really needs a 
>> "focus strictly under mouse" mode, not "focus follows mouse, poorly" 
>> as is currently implemented. There's nothing I hate more than writing 
>> an email, and having some error dialog box pop up, but disappear too 
>> quickly to read because I was typing, it stole my focus, and I pressed 
>> the space bar, which selected the default action.  That dialog box,
>> whatever it was, just did something that I might not have wanted it to 
>> do, and it might be irreversible, and I might never know what it was. 
> I agree that this is a serious problem.  I don't know if it's the window 
> manager's fault though.  It might be fixed by never assigning key 
> shortcuts to buttons in "alert" style dialog boxes (that is, ones that 
> open without the user specifically requesting them to open, from a menu 
> or such) or at the very least, delaying the binding of a key to the 
> default button for several seconds.

The problem there, though, is that the new window will still have 
keyboard focus, meaning that whatever I was typing doesn't make it into 
the window I was trying to type it into. I want to continue writing 
whatever I'm writing, for as long as I want, and I'll deal with the 
message dialog when I feel like it.

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