NVIDIA driver compile

Peter Kiem zordah at zordah.net
Tue Nov 25 08:45:44 UTC 2003

Hi Brian,

>     I've spent tens of thousands of hours sitting behind a black-n-white
> 80x24 screen untarring files and wishing I knew all the details.
>     SRPMS are nice; like someone leaving a reel-type lawn mower for a

Yes I don't disagree with you there Brian.  I myself much prefer RPMS
and only resort to tarballs when necessary.  I think RPMS are great for
installing and keeping systems running smoothly.

I don't need however, some pompous person telling me that for "_serious_
software building" that SRPMS are a magic bullet and tars are "highly
unreliable".  That is complete Bulls**t!

I'm a developer and system administrator by profession myself so I
understand computer systems and software quite well thank you very much

Anyway the original post was how to compile under a previous gcc release
which I answered instead of telling the poster to go load something else

Anyway enough noise now, let's all go back to being happy little Fedora
users :)

>     Enjoy!  Rejoice in the power of RPMS!

Where available :)
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