Athlon64 K8VNXP(gigabyte) kernel problem ?

Balint Cristian rezso at
Tue Nov 25 09:27:32 UTC 2003

Hi !

Anyone got any succes running x86_64 kernel on an athlon64 ?

	I got an $subj but any kernel won't work.
	I use an binutils/gcc cross compiler from i386->x86_64 (crosscompiler obtained from rebuilding fedora/jakub's one binutil/gcc)
I try several kernels, these boot nice but when enter /sbin/init or /sbin/bash it crash in an ugly way.
	Of course i try i386 enviroment to enter and x86_64 too (by hand instaled minimal root from fedora x86_64 tree)
bot both of these environ not work kernel crash entering /sbin/init or /bin/bash.
	I also enable ia32 compat mode in kernel for i386 enviroment, to make sure about backward compat.

An i386 kernel works perfect, but would be nice to switch to 64 bit competly.

	Any light ? Anyone played with such an machine ?

I heared that Opteronbs are working (probaly arjanv has 2.6 for operon one, i wonder why on athlon64 not work.

Any idea/sugestions are welcome, if need more debug of crash let me know. 

Thanks a lot,  


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