[Fwd: Mozilla and Multimedia]

antonio montagnani anto.montagnani at virgilio.it
Tue Nov 25 13:54:57 UTC 2003

antonio montagnani ha scritto:
> I need some advice how to set Mozilla in order to have multimedia
> experience as in Windows (audio streaming, video streaming)
> I installed Xine but in many case gxineplugin (that is seen in Mozilla)
> doesn't operate, I tried to connect live radio www.nostalgie.fr and
> www.swissjazz.ch and I got frustrated, if I start Gxine some stations
> include in the list play, other don't....
When I connect to www.nostalgie.fr I get a line in the Gxine window like 
this (the gxine plugin starts)

ASF, o kHz 16 kBit/s MS Windows Media Audio 2 ((ffmpeg)


No sound...what does it mean???



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