Where's the hardware compatibility list?

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Hi there,

I need to upgrade from RH7.3 either to RH9 or to Fedora. I base my
decision on the presence of HPT370 RAID support. RH9 has a 3rd party
driver. But i cannot find any information on Fedora RAID support, or any
other hardware support.

Could anyone please tell me where it is?

Jeroen Lankheet


Jeroen, a number of people have already recommended that you avoid using
the HPT370 RAID functionality and I won't argue with that.  I have an
add-in HPT370 PCI card in my system and I use Fedora's software striping
+ parity (I forget which RAID level that is) because Linux will
recognize that controller as a plain old IDE controller.  Now, if you
want to boot your system from that RAID device, I think that another
message has explained why that may be more of a pain than it's worth,
but if you are looking to boot from a single drive and use the RAID
array for a separate partition(s), I would recommend avoiding the
Highpoint drivers altogether and just using Linux's software RAID.
You'll find that the performance of Fedora's RAID implementation is
superior to that of Highpoint.

Or, if nothing else, you can at least add up to four more drives to your
system without using RAID.

Good luck!


Drew Dunn
Simulation Engineer
Micron Technology, Inc.
"The Future of Memory"

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