I think fedora needs...

Alexandre Strube surak at surak.eti.br
Tue Nov 25 15:43:06 UTC 2003

Em Ter, 2003-11-25 às 14:33, Phil Brammer escreveu:

> > Ah, dreamweaver... the killer app which does not have anything like it
> > under linux..
> In reference to your Dreamweaver comment...  I've heard good things about http://quanta.sourceforge.net.  Granted, it's not one of the most active projects, but it still looks good.  Also, it's built for KDE.

I worked with quanta for quite some time.... No way to compare it with
dreamweaver. It's almost like compare dosshell to nautilus :-) Yeah I
know is has evolved since redhat 9 version, but, no, thanks. I rather
use dreamweaver with wine...

Or wait for this nvu from lindows :-)


Alexandre Ganso 
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