Fedora reliability

mrada mrada at catalina-inter.net
Tue Nov 25 18:21:53 UTC 2003

Hi Marian,

> So, what is going on with your computer?

I keep getting the "Bad Media, Bad Hardware" message.  Even though I feel 
quite assured to myself that the media is fine.

> First, have you verified the media? 

Numerous times.  The media is fine.

> Unexpected behaviors could be generated by corrupted ISO images.

I double checked the MD5s after I downloaded them.

> What hardware configuration do you have?

I have a NOVA 7892 SBC.  Currently I have a Maxtor 120 GB hard drive that I
am using to get Fedora installed on.  I have 128 MB SRAM.

> .... and so on ...

Give some details before asking for help, to make things clearer for you
and the one who will help you !

Is there a way to put a very bare minimum and then install things one at a
time after I booted?  I am trying to install everything and that might be
the problem.


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