The Fedora Core release notes suck!

Edward C. Bailey ed at
Tue Nov 25 20:32:58 UTC 2003

>>>>> "Elton" == Elton Woo <elwoo at> writes:

Elton> The page is too long. People lose interest or just plain too LAZY to
Elton> read to the bottom. Hence, I would suggest breaking it up into
Elton> LINKED sections, starting with

The problem here is that the release notes need to be a single document for
Anaconda to display it during the installation.  I wonder if a TOC at the
start help ("Ah, there's a section on 'foo' -- let me scroll down

Elton> 4) Discontinued / changed packages. Those who are not new to linux
Elton> should have the experience that there *will be* discontinued, or
Elton> substituted libraries, and some inkling (at least) of copyright
Elton> concerns.

Elton> 5). How to get help --> links to lists.

Elton> /RANT Pet peeve: NETIQUETTE and its IMPORTANCE to the archives and
Elton> to those whose FIRST language is NOT English.

These issues are ones best handled somewhere other than in the release
notes.  However, I'd be willing to consider something like the following as
a permanent entry in the release notes:

    "New users: Are you new to Linux in general and Fedora Core in
     particular?  If so, visit http://...."

Ed Bailey        Red Hat, Inc.

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