The Fedora Core release notes suck!

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Tue Nov 25 21:05:13 UTC 2003

On November 25, 2003 03:32 pm, Edward C. Bailey, "Edward C. Bailey" 
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> LINKED sections, starting with
> ...
> The problem here is that the release notes need to be a single document for
> Anaconda to display it during the installation.  I wonder if a TOC at the
> start help ("Ah, there's a section on 'foo' -- let me scroll down
> there")...

That's what I meant by "linked".

> Elton> 5). How to get help --> links to lists.
> Elton> /RANT Pet peeve: NETIQUETTE and its IMPORTANCE to the archives and
> Elton> to those whose FIRST language is NOT English.
> ...
> These issues are ones best handled somewhere other than in the release
> notes.  However, I'd be willing to consider something like the following as
> a permanent entry in the release notes:
>     "New users: Are you new to Linux in general and Fedora Core in
>      particular?  If so, visit http://...."

You're reading my mind! <G>. Actually I would, in that case, place this
closer to the top of the document. That way newbies, and migrants from
closed source will go directly there than wade through a long document
which might not be of (*immediate*) interest to them.

Once they learn the "rules of the road", they won't keep driving into the
same rut over and over.... (pun intended!) 

Elton ;-)

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