Samba and Fedora Core 1

Henrik Magnusson henrik.magnusson at
Tue Nov 25 21:07:43 UTC 2003


I just upgraded from RH 9 to FC1, and I've had a lot of problems. First om all the removal of pine, second the network interface (3c905 didn't work with kudzu running anymore), third samba won't display swedish characters, so if I have a file name with a swedish character, then samba will display boxes instead, and the file won't be possible to open from the windows explorer. It will still be possible to rename and in Linux, so there's not the problem.

Do someone know what changed from Samba 2.x (RH9-version) to Samba 3. And I don't want to know all the difference, just whats changed in setup in FC1 setting for Samba. 


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