clean install hangs system

Remco remco.veldkamp at
Tue Nov 25 23:12:31 UTC 2003


After installing Core 1 and booting for the first time I get stuck with the 
login screen which doesn't respond to the keyboard (I didn't install X so 
this is a console login).

After a while this error appears:

eth0: Host error, FIFO diagnostic register 2000.
eth0: PCI bus error, bus status 00a00029

This error appears whenever I ping the machine from another box or when I just 
wait a while.

When I shutdown, remove the nic (a 3Com PCI 3c905 Boomerang) and reboot the 
same login freezes but I don't get the eth0 error.

Also, at boot-up, no error messages are generated and all services start-up 
cleanly (all green OKs).

I understand that the eth0 error is caused by the system failing somewhere 
else, however I get little feedback otherwise (no other errors). Moreover, I 
tried running the install cd in rescue mode but it crashed spitting out a 
nasty run-time error (some libs couldn't be found) so I have to figure out a 
way to get at the logs.

Does anyone have a suggestion? I'll be going through my cds looking for 
something to use as a rescue kit ;-)


AI student
Open Source fundamentalist

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