Fedora reliability

Holden McGroin holden.mcgroin at dsl.pipex.com
Tue Nov 25 23:52:15 UTC 2003

> So, what is going on with your computer?
> First, have you verified the media? Unexpected behaviors could be
> generated by corrupted ISO images.

I've actually experienced problems like this before. I downloaded the 
ISOs for Severn, MD5 OKed them and they passed the installation's media 
check. I still got an error during install. The error occurred in the 
same place each time. I tried burning to new meadia, I still got the 
error in the same place.

Finally, I swapped CD-ROM drives with another computer and the install 
went fine. I've since reverted to the old CD-ROM drive and never had a 
problem with FC1 installation.


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