Rob Park rbpark at ualberta.ca
Wed Nov 26 07:57:15 UTC 2003

Ben Steeves wrote:
> To whoever pointed me at xfwm, THANK YOU.  It's exactly what I've been
> looking for since Metacity.  XFCE doesn't float my boat, but the window
> manager is just plain sweet!

OK, question for you, since we seem to be in exactly the same position.

I want to try xfwm, too, but I'm having troubles.

I tried going to Fedora Menu -> Preferences -> More preferences -> 
Sessions, telling it to not restart metacity if it dies, then I did 
'killall metacity && xfwm4', which did start xfwm4, but I had a problem 
-- when I used the pager to switch to a different virtual desktop, the 
panels disappeared. How do I tell xfwm that the panels are supposed to 
be on all workspaces?

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