please recommend sendmail references/books

Ralph Angenendt ra at
Wed Nov 26 09:19:39 UTC 2003

Don wrote:
> I'm trying to set up sendmail so I can receive e-mail directly, in
> addition to using my isp supplied e-mail.
> My biggest concern is that I don't want people on the internet to be
> able to use my smtp server as a means to send mail to people with the
> result making it look like it me... I think that's called "relaying"...
> Anyway... can anybody recommend any good books on setting up sendmail?

I'm only aware of one book concerning sendmail which you probably do not
want to use before you have sendmail running - namely the "bat book" by
O'Reilly, which makes a good door stop to.

If this is your "first" mailserver, may I recommend to switch to
postfix? It is a) much easier to setup (as it has a config file which
*is* readable by a human) and b) doesn't have a security history like
sendmail, which has only been beaten by wu-ftpd and openSSH :)

There's pretty much online documentation available at
<>. Sendmail's a tough beast which's taming isn't
for the faint at heart. Im not aware of any recommendable book on
postfix though.

Postfix comes with fedora core and there even is a
redhat-switch-mail-gnome interface to switch from sendmail to postfix on


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