"Disk Druid" After installation

Doncho N. Gunchev mr700 at globalnet.bg
Wed Nov 26 10:31:18 UTC 2003

On Wednesday 26 November 2003 06:55, Brian Fahrlander wrote:
>     I had to mess with a lot of partitioning things tonight...nothing
> exotic....but it seemed like it would have taken a lot less time (and I
> would have been more accurate) if I were able to use Disk Druid (or
> whatever the executable is called) were available.
>     Is that available after-the-fact?  What's it called?  It sure would
> have been a lot easier...
>     Thanks!

    Think no, but there was QT project that was reassembling the PartitionMagic's
look and feel (parted frontend, just like Disk Druid).

  Doncho N. Gunchev

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