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Brian Fahrlander Brian at
Wed Nov 26 15:19:41 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 00:11, Scott Burns wrote:
> Eric J. Feldhusen wrote:
> You might want to give this a try if you have a spare machine available. 
>  Fedora + software raid to make a 5 odd partition RAID5 set and then 
> kill one partition.  Midway through the rebuild with a hot spare, kill 
> another partition.  I'm certain that if RAID5 loses two of it's disks at 
> the same time, it's gone.

    I once asked a woman that worked at Veritas in tech support.  She
said that on all these RAID arrays, loss of a second disk is _ALWAYS_
fatal.  I was stunned.

    I mean, a 30 drive array...and if the second drive goes out, the
entire thing is toast?  

    There gets to be a point where this is a problem.  In 1-5 disk
arrays, what are the chances of a second drive going out? Right: almost

    But when you have 50 drives in a special bay, the chances of a
second drive going out while you locate a vendor, find out it's been
obsoleted since it was installed, order a new part....

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