RAID options under Fedora

Brian Fahrlander Brian at
Wed Nov 26 15:27:06 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 00:20, Scott Burns wrote:

> Unless my terminology is wrong, it's only one RAID10 set, that is, 
> multiple RAID1 sets making up a RAID0 stripe. RAID1+0 as I think some 
> people call it.
> However, you are right in that there is no reason you can't make it a 
> RAID1+5 with 10 disks or even 15 disks to give the same sorts of 
> protection or better than the 12 disk RAID10.  I take the rant along the 
> lines of "if you're going to the trouble, go with the best you can, and 
> RAID5 isn't it".  This is why I'm interested in why other's have RAID 
> failures and what they plan(ned) to do next.

    It sounds like you guys REALLY know this stuff inside out; it might
be the right place to ask a possibly heretical question:

    Hardware versus Software RAID

    I have a Windows-natured friend who thinks any software raid isn't
worth the setup...but then, he remembers stacker, and stays with the OS
that made it a legend. :)

    Meanwhile, I've used simple setups, mostly for longevity and in
places I'd rather not make a road trip.  It's a small set, and by NO
means should be construed as an alternative for serious computing, but
for home/hobbyist work, it's solid.

    But you guys seem to have had the 'runtime' with these systems that
I haven't. What's your opinion of software RAID (for non-competitive,
home installations)?

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