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> Steffan Jacobs wrote:
> > Antti wrote:
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> >> I just clicked shutdown and it says: shutdown: command not found. I did
> >> 'locate shutdown' and I found it, but after updatedb it had vanished.
> >> What the hell happened? Where do I get a new shutdown? Halt doesn't work
> >> either since, AFAIK halt uses shutdown also...
> >>
> >>  
> >>
> > Did you do anything with root in that session? You must have because 
> > only root could delete it. However whatever the cause, it sounds like 
> > you will have to reinstall it from the cd. Does anyone know what 
> > package it's in?
Did you look in the directory that locate said the file was in (my guess is /sbin) 
to see if the file was actually gone? Were you logged in as root at the time the
command wasn't found? Had you changed your path at all during the session?
is /sbin in your path?

I'd look for the simple answers before starting to reinstall packages. Your heart
will beat a lot slower as a result...
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