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Lisa Durham lisa at
Wed Nov 26 22:00:31 UTC 2003

James Drabb wrote:

>On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 13:48, Lisa Durham wrote:
>>Ok, I can connect to a Windows Terminal Server using rdesktop but how do 
>>I go about logging into a VPN running from the same machine.
>>In Windows, I have a vpn connection I use, then I use remote desktop 
>>connection in WinXP to get to my actual machine at work, not the 
>>Terminal Server. Our Terminal Server is the box I connect to using the VPN.
>>I want to connect to the VPN THEN use rdesktop to reach the correct 
>>machine on the network. I hope I'm making this clear.
>>Lisa Durham
>What VPN client do you use?  You need to find out what client can
>connect.  For example I use the Netlock VPN Client for Nortel
>Contivity.  The client works on Linux, MS Windows, Solaris, Mac, AIX and
>HP-UX.  The client can connect to Nortel Contivity and Cisco 3000.  It
>is a commercial client and runs about $89 or so.  Basically find out
>what client you use.
 From my XP box all I do is set up a VPN connection (I guess the client 
is built into WindowsXP?) under network connections.

As you can see I know almost nothing about this topic.


Lisa Durham

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