update from redhat 9

Kevin Brouelette kevin at texum.com
Wed Nov 26 22:05:09 UTC 2003

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is it possible, to update in s simple way from rh 9 to fedora?



The answer is,... Yes.

Ok maybe you want more than that so let me offer this:

1] read the Fedora release notes completely.
2] backup any important data. 
3] upgrade as you'd like [make cd's or ftp install as you desire]
4] enjoy Fedora.

The reason I start with #1  is that a lot of mail I see posted
here with problems are people who didn't spend the time to read
the release notes.  If it's a stock RH9 box, it should be a
straight forward upgrade.  Any other issues [Ximain, NVIDIA etc]
will have to be dealt with post install.

Good luck

Kevin B

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