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Thu Nov 27 02:33:12 UTC 2003

Em Qua, 2003-11-26 às 15:41, bill_g escreveu:

> you'll need a mail server -- sendmail, postfix, qmail, etc. If you're
> pretty much a bog standard singleton user with an account at an ISP and
> no network to support, you might decide running your own mail server
> doesn't offer much in return, apart from the sheer geekiness factor.
> (Also, consider what happens when you go out of town and power down the
> server.)

If you only have a dynamic ip, but want to use your own domain, I would
recommend you - Its a free DNS server, which
works well. You can store both static and dynamic domains. In fact, I
have SEVERAL domains which everydns responds to. And of these several
domains, I have several machines which are dynamic ips. Including the
one responsible for my emails, for years.

The problem: using a dynamic ip may put you in several SPAMMER lists,
like it happens to me. Works perfectly for everyday use, though.


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