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Thu Nov 27 04:16:01 UTC 2003

On Wed, 2003-11-26 at 20:24, Alexandre Strube wrote:
> Em Qua, 2003-11-26 às 06:45, Don escreveu:
> > Anyway... can anybody recommend any good books on setting up sendmail?
> There are some people here which can write a by memory... I
> am not one of these.

    I'm not either...but I can do it on the .mc file, 'cause it's so
well documented.  Let me save you some steps.

    Sendmail, like the kind you find on RH9 or Fedora, is almost
ready-to-go, other than a couple of 'fixes'.  If you're box is
"" (for real, with a properly setup DNS in effect) then
it's just a matter of re-writing the 'daemon' lines to indicate what
your IP address is on the box.  Edit (NOT the .cf) and then
run the command at the top of the .mc file, restart sendmail and you're
in business.

    Then, install spamassassin, mailman, and you're jammin.  Really- no
tricks.  Just get your DNS set up right, and it's ready to go.

    Now sure...if you have an AX.25 line, want to run some uucp stuff,
or implement the 'clay tablet TCP/IP', you're gonna have to do other
steps.  But for 95% of the situation, you're set.


    A lot of people have a mahine inside the NAT network to be the
mailer.  Not too much tougher- the firewall will have to pass port 25
traffic to that machine, that machine will have to have a name/ip that
meshes with the local network, not the net, and you'll have to turn on
the 'masquerading' lines (there's 2-3 of'em) and THEN you're set.

    Just remember what I said: outside a local network, load it and go. 
The one line about 'daemons' is there to ensure you don't set up an open
relay by mistake...but it's easy.  And the upgrades are nice and
uneventful, too.

    If you get stuck, drop me a line...or use ICQ.  :)
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