Dual boot installation on a Siemens-Fujitsu laptop - AMILO D1840

Peter Boy pboy at barkhof.uni-bremen.de
Thu Nov 27 09:33:18 UTC 2003

Am Do, den 27.11.2003 schrieb Padiyath Sreekumaran um 07:39:
>      I have 512MB memory and the graphic card is ATI mobility Radeon 9600
> 129MB.
Your graphic card should be recognized by Fedora

>      1. Whether I should reformat the disk and define different partitions?
>         (using fdisk from Windows ) Or can I install XP profressional
> directly 
>         without doing any partioning?
If your current partioning scheme does fit your needs (Windows smaller
than 60 gb and some space left for Linux) there is no need to
repartition the disk. If you don't have space left for Linux and you
don't have valuable data it is the easiest way to repartition. Depending
on your Windows installation program you may do it from windows, but
often Windows grabs the whole HD without giving a chance to decide about
the partioning yourself. You have to use Fedoras installation program to
partition the disk.
You should dedicate 10 gb to Linux at minimum.

>      2.  Whether I should do any partioning during the Linux installation
>           or can I select automatic partioning?I know that this is a
> question
>           how one wants to use the computer.

I never used automatic partitioning. I suppose it will leave the windows
partition untouched.

>      3. I want to have firewall installation for linux on the machine? Is
> there 
>           any sw on the Fedora disc?

There is a firewall included in Fedora which will be installed by
default (you are asked during the installation process, of course, and
you can change it)


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