vmware on FC1, on inspiron 8100

Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Thu Nov 27 13:05:11 UTC 2003

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On Thursday 27 November 2003 12:27, Mauri Sahlberg wrote:

> long time ago. Vmware is a good product but is simply too heavy to run
> just one program. 

There are extreme exceptions to this, for example Protel/Altium Electronics 
CAD (www.protel.com) can't be made to work under any form of wine or 
Crossover Office (I know, I spent a LONG time trying).  Because that package 
is $5,000, a $299 'utility' to get it to run in a convenient way makes 
perfect sense.  But actually I agree with the parent, Crossover Office does a 
good job, I use it for Quickbooks.  Even tho I have vmware I only allow those 
things that REALLYcan't come over into it, because one day those apps too are 
going to come over... the Xilinx toolchain used to be like that but now works 
fine under Linux/wine.

> IMHO Notes is the worlds top 1 software that screws your life

Totally agree - I worked for a while at a US corp that insisted on using it, 
it was truly horrible.  They even ran their public website on it, it had its 
hooks so deep into the white coated acolytes.  

- -Andy
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