Mail client advice

Joel Uckelman uckelman at
Thu Nov 27 14:47:55 UTC 2003

Thus spake leam:
> Okay, I could use some help on picking a mail client. I'm shuffling the 
> home computers around and want to end up with one file server and one 
> Fedora based workstation; this means moving 5 years of e-mail!
> I like the usefulness of a GUI mail client, the current choice is 
> Mozilla. Sorting mail is fairly easy, as is re-sorting. However, I also 
> like a non-GUI interface for the ability to connect remotely; I've used 
> pine before.
> There will be an internal mail server (eventually) so the mail clients 
> won't have to connect directly out.
> Standard text format is highly useful, especially when grep'ing the 
> "jobs" folder for job search contacts.  :)
> Suggestions are welcome, preferably ones that work on Fedora and are 
> open source.
> ciao!
> leam

I dearly love nmh, and have been using it since 1997 or so. It's great 
having all of the mail-manipulating commands available directly from the 
command line, e.g., so I can grep on their output.


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