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leam <leam at> writes:

> Okay, I could use some help on picking a mail client. I'm shuffling
> the home computers around and want to end up with one file server and
> one Fedora based workstation; this means moving 5 years of e-mail!
> I like the usefulness of a GUI mail client, the current choice is
> Mozilla. Sorting mail is fairly easy, as is re-sorting. However, I
> also like a non-GUI interface for the ability to connect remotely;
> I've used pine before.

> Standard text format is highly useful, especially when grep'ing the
> "jobs" folder for job search contacts.  :)

Personally I use Gnus at the moment, which treats email as if it were
a newsgroup, very handy for a high volume list like this. It can sort
mails into different groupsaccording to headers etc, though I use
procmail for that. As it is part of emacs you can do all the standard
things you can do in emacs within emails and folders. If you don't like 
emacs anyway you'll probably hate it though, and it can be a bitch to

Mutt is also every good, though I haven't, yet, figured out how to use
it with mails sorted into folders with procmail, mainly because I haven't
really tried since I switched from evolution to gnus.

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