Mozilla can't load php pages!!!

Alexander Dalloz alexander.dalloz at
Thu Nov 27 16:45:03 UTC 2003

Am Do, den 27.11.2003 schrieb Alexandre Strube um 03:15:
> Em Qua, 2003-11-26 às 04:57, didierbe at escreveu:
> > This works fine but try these 2 links: (These 2 only works in other
> > browsers and there are a couple of link which do not work too!!!)
> Is there any browser (except IE, of course) which can correctly open
> this page?
> As everyone knows, pcchips is the cheapest, and probably, most popular
> board I've ever seen. The trouble is that people which uses windows are
> always having to re-install it periodically. And most of this machines
> are slow/low memory, they use windows98, which doesn't recognize
> anything... so this page is very useful to me. But I just can't click on
> driver section and download something... In fact, I had a bochs win98
> running just for open IE and download the correct drivers..

So complain to the website designer at pcchips as he did not create the
site cross browser compatible. It's not a news that not all html
technics work for all browsers.

Btw. PHP is a server based thing and has nothing to do with browser
capability. PHP only runs on the server side and creates web content on
the fly.


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