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Paul Morgan paul.morgan at
Thu Nov 27 16:51:15 UTC 2003

On Thu, 2003-11-27 at 08:45, leam wrote: 
> Pardon my lack of imap understanding; if I have an imap server and I 
> have a seperate physical machine as a workstation can I:
> 	1. Use a GUI on the workstation
> --and--
> 	2. a mutt-ish type client if I ssh in remotely to the imap server?

Yes, absolutely. Your choice of mail client does not depend necessarily
on local vs. remote. I happen to use evolution on my laptop and--when my
laptop isn't handy--mutt via ssh. 

On the laptop I have a script at ~/bin/tunnel (see attached) that gets
sourced in my .bashrc file. Evolution is configured to use
localhost:7143 for retrieving and localhost:7025 for sending. 

This means that evolution works without reconfig whether I'm at home or
anywhere else having an Internet connection with ssh through the
firewall. My laptop is wireless, so it also means that my imap traffic
is _always_ encrypted, plus the firewalls on my laptop and wireless
gateway only have to allow ssh ports.

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