Console: missing some colors

Elton Woo elwoo at
Thu Nov 27 18:17:41 UTC 2003

On November 27, 2003 04:31 am, Michal Illich, adresa do konferenci, "Michal 
Illich, adresa do konferenci" <list at> wrote:
>     when I work on text console (tty*) under FC1, some colors are displayed
> badly. For example, instead of white there is light gray, yellow is brown,
> and so on. It seems to me that the bit for light colors is ignored. Do you
> know what to do to fix it?
This sounds like a hardware, rather than a software problem. I would
suggest checking the following: the connections to the monitor,
that the card is properly seated in the motherboard, or even try another
card (in case this one might be *becoming* defective).


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