Good first impressions

Andy Wallace linxit at
Fri Nov 28 00:28:30 UTC 2003

Hi all,

I recently bought a 2.8GHz P4 (with hyperthreading), 1GB RAM, 160 GB
HDD, with CD-RW/DVD, DVD+RW writer, MiniDisc reader, Digital camera card
reader, another slot which I'm not sure what it does?? - even has a
floppy disk drive! Graphics card is ATI Radeon 9200 128MB. I also got a
HP PSC 1350 combo Printer/Scanner/Copier (USB).

Needless to say, it came with Win XP Home, so the first thing I did was
format the hard disk :) 

SuSE 9.0 - Didn't recognize the graphics card, didn't like the CPU,
installed packages from 1st CD but then froze on reboot (still halfway
through install). Only kernel choice was SMP, which might have caused
the problem. Overwrote MBR making system unbootable.

Debian Woody (from magazine cover DVD) - installer froze on boot :(

Gentoo 1.4 (from magazine cover DVD) - installer froze on boot :(

RH9 - Installed OK, but had to fake the ATI card as a 9100 in
XF86Config, defaults to SMP kernel which hangs on boot, UP kernel works
fine. Detected printer OK but nothing happened when I tried to print,
never detected scanner despite setting up with hpoj.

Fedora - detected all hardware OK, everything worked without tweaking!
Boots successfully from SMP kernel - if anyone's wondering, these new
hyperthreading CPUs appear as 2 CPUs to the Linux kernel, but it's
really a single CPU. Hope they get that sorted out in 2.6. Printer works
perfectly, scanning using Xscan worked once I'd setup hpoj.

Yes, I'm very happy with Fedora at the moment!


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