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Andy Green fedora at warmcat.com
Fri Nov 28 05:48:41 UTC 2003

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On Friday 28 November 2003 05:26, John Dean wrote:

> >> trusted website would yield bad files.  

Since you started a new thread (on the end of an old one) I don't know what 
your problems are.  Why don't you describe your problems again or provide a 
link to the original thread.

As for W2K liking your CDROM, hopefully that was a pressed CD, whereas you're 
trying to burn your Fedora install.  Presuming that by 'bad RPM' you mean 
your copy of the RPM is corrupted, did you check your CDs against the MD5 
checker at the start of the install?

> >> And given all the talk of
> >> problems with Fedora I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion to which
> >> version of Redhat (pre Fedora) that was somewhat stable?

This is like visiting a hospital and deciding everyone in the world is ill :-)  
Most of the people who post here are the ones with problems, the rest of the 
'world' is having a great time with Fedora.

- -Andy
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