Hints requested for beginner

Colin Paul Adams colin at colina.demon.co.uk
Fri Nov 28 06:43:40 UTC 2003

>>>>> "Graeme" == Graeme Willox <graemewillox at tpg.com.au> writes:

    Graeme> There seems to be quite a lot of information available.
    Graeme> There's so much, in fact, that I'm not sure where to even
    Graeme> start.  Could someone point me in the right direction,
    Graeme> please?

If you have not used a Unix-style system before, then you are going to
have a lot to learn.

I think the best place to start is the Help menu item, from the Red
Hat menu (bottom left of your desktop).

>From there, you will start to find out other sources of help.
Colin Paul Adams
Preston Lancashire

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