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Fri Nov 28 14:36:14 UTC 2003

I had the same problem. Its not the download but something with 
the installer (in my case). I posted a previous fix for what i did in the 
first week or so of the release.

that thread is here 

Try this:

1. insert cd 1
2. boot
3. boot using a forced resolution (i used 1024x768).

i think it was linux resolution=1024x768

Once i did that I installed without a hitch every time.

I have no idea why it works but i am not going to complain :)


On Thu, 27 Nov 2003, Chris Sparks wrote:

> Hello again,
> Well I really am kind of disappointed that I had so much problems trying 
> to get Fedora installed.  Never had this much trouble in all the years I 
> had Redhat.
> I tried installing Windoze 2000 and it liked my CD rom and hard drive 
> and memory choice.  Didn't complain a stitch.  I am in a dilemma in that 
> I really don't want to use Windoze 2000 in my car projects.  The idea of 
> it crashing on a regular basis bugs me.  Does anyone have any other 
> suggestions for me to try on my Fedora build.  I have tried to replace 
> the bad rpms and still they are bad.  I don't think downloading from a 
> trusted website would yield bad files.  And given all the talk of 
> problems with Fedora I am wondering if anyone has a suggestion to which 
> version of Redhat (pre Fedora) that was somewhat stable?
> THanks for any help,
> Chris Sparks
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