tinkering w/ mplayer broke Mozilla Mail

Clint clint at penguinsolutions.org
Fri Nov 28 19:48:09 UTC 2003

Somehow, my incessant tinkering trying to get a dang apple.com/trailer 
streaming quicktime .mov to play through mplayer broke my Mozilla Mail.

The symptoms were: All operations on the tool bar were dimmed except for 
Compose Mail. So I figured it would be an easy thing to fix simply by 
removing Mozilla Mail via Add/Remove Applications and re-install it.

The removal of Mozilla Mail went as expected. However, when I try to add 
Mozilla Mail using Add/Remove Appilcations, the window just sits there doing 
nothing after I ask it to do the install. (after I have provided the root pw)

While I've now got KMail working (and I like it, except that I can't get it to 
beep when a new mail comes in when I am logged in Gnome), I'd like to have 
the features that Mozilla has for Spam control.

How can I get Mozilla Mail re-installed correctly?

How can I get KMail to either play a sound in Gnome, or play the terminal 

Clint (who regrets ever wanting to try to see Apple's streaming movie trailers 
Clint <clint at penguinsolutions.org>

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