Decent Games for Fedora?

Michael stuff at
Fri Nov 28 21:14:10 UTC 2003

I'm not sure if anybody responded with some of these, between redhat-users
and fedora-users, I have a hard time keeping up with everything.

Enemy Territory (free)

Quake 3 Arean (need to buy windows cd or linux version)

UT2003 (need to buy it, installer on 3rd disk, demo available)

Return To Castle Wolfenstein (need to buy windows version, demo available)

Unreal Tournament (windows cd, demo available)

Savage (Installer on windows disks, demo available)

Then there were things like Tribes2 that is almost impossible to update

And a ton of completely free games I've noticed people posting in here, so
I will leave that are alone.

There are 10 types of people in this world, those that understand binary,
and those that don't.

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