Fedora redemption! (was Re: Fedora give up)

Chris Sparks mrada at catalina-inter.net
Sat Nov 29 02:23:20 UTC 2003

Hi everyone,

Thanks for all the input I received!  This is what I learned:
    1)   When you have 128 MB of SRAM and the on-board video takes 16 MB 
of it you
           can't do X windows (i.e. Graphical installation)
    2)   It is key to burn as slow a CD as possible.  In my case it 
works ok with 4X speed.

I tried a minimal installation on an older disk I had laying around and 
I am very happy to say
we have life!  I will now purge myself of that Windows 2000 installation 
and build an everything
installation.  I am confident that it will be fine!

Chris Sparks

Kent Pirkle wrote:

>One other thing to add: the CD check is a good thing and should always
>be run, but I've had RHL/Fedora Core CDs that I've burned to pass the CD
>check and still have problems. The only reliable way to really check a
>CD is to do an "Everything" install from them. 
>On Fri, 2003-11-28 at 12:34, M.Hockings wrote:
>>That is, people buy fast CD burners and the cheapest CD's and expect it 
>>to work.  Burn the CD's at the rate they are made for (or slower) and 
>>you won't have any problems.  Also do the RH CD check thing at the start 
>>of the install.  A little patience here will save a lot of grief later.
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