Fedora redemption!

Chris Sparks mrada at catalina-inter.net
Sat Nov 29 07:00:43 UTC 2003

Hello again,

Well I installed the complete installation (or almost all of it) and I 
had problems like last time,
even though not in the same frequency, however, still things aren't 
quite right.

Here is some of my commentary I wrote to myself while the installation 
process was going on:

problem with samba... on disk 1 (device error or media error)
reboot with refresh...
kde-i18n-Swedish-3.1.4-1 ... disk 3 (device error or media error again)
reboot with upgrade...
didn't pick up kde-18n-Swedish-3.1.4-1 .. on disk 3
did not copy kernel to boot area
Had to create a boot floppy
booted up ...
kudzu found:
  found generic ps/2 mouse ...
  found ESS Solo-1 Audio drive...
  found silicon Moition, inc sm720 lynx 3dm
  ddc probe returned bogus...
  trying lynx generic
  found VIA Tech|USB

bunch of DMA interrupt errors on hard drive /dev/hda
rebooted again...
try to upgrade again....
what is force lba32? (Can anyone tell me why you would set this?)
problem with a file....
turn off bios hdd block mode and disabling VGA bios shadowing
The Fedora installation program wanted to install:
Got this again "no kernel package were installed on your system.  Your 
boot loader configuration will not be changed....."
WHy am i getting this?  How do I install the OS kernel, does LILO not 
exist anymore.  If I need to use GRUB then how
do I do it?
dma errors again...
dma error = 0x84
status = 0x51


timed out waiting for frame 0
sometimes X server would lose connection or some such nonsense.

So there you go....  I bolded those items that need to be fixed so any 
help appreciated.

Also how do I post install files that weren't picked up from CDs?


Chris Sparks wrote:

> Hi everyone,
> Thanks for all the input I received!  This is what I learned:
>    1)   When you have 128 MB of SRAM and the on-board video takes 16 
> MB of it you
>           can't do X windows (i.e. Graphical installation)
>    2)   It is key to burn as slow a CD as possible.  In my case it 
> works ok with 4X speed.
> I tried a minimal installation on an older disk I had laying around 
> and I am very happy to say
> we have life!  I will now purge myself of that Windows 2000 
> installation and build an everything
> installation.  I am confident that it will be fine!

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