less and LESSCHARSET=latin1 and scandinavian chars are &

Gordon Messmer yinyang at eburg.com
Sun Nov 30 02:16:29 UTC 2003

Jani Ollikainen wrote:
> Ok, what have you done this time with charsets..

'less' works fine here, on a fresh "Personal Desktop" installation 
(well, that plus Japanese language support).

[gordon at vagabond:~]$ set | egrep 'LANG|^LC|LESS'
LESSOPEN='|/usr/bin/lesspipe.sh %s'

[gordon at vagabond:~]$ echo "åöä hi mom" >moreisless

'less' displays what it should.

> man less:
>        -Kcharset

Not sure why that's relevant given your message.

> ($:~) echo "åöä hi mom" >moreisless

What shell is that?

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