xmas wish list

Keith Sharp kms at passback.co.uk
Sun Nov 30 11:54:10 UTC 2003

On Sun, 2003-11-30 at 02:34, Brian Connolly wrote:
> Okay... in the holiday spirit... here is my xmas wish list: 
> 1. a simple iTunes replacement in Fedora.  Yes... I've installed
> xmms-mp3 but that's still not the quality I am looking for.


> 2. nix the 2 beeps (and only the 2 beeps) on boot up.

I think there is a bug open against this already.  It's needed for the
accessibility folks so that visually impaired users know when they can
login.  The fix is to make it configurable, though it may well default
to on.

> 3. port all the data lock-stock-and-barrel from Outlook to Evolution
> (including attachments).

Setup an IMAP server.  Point outlook at the IMAP server.  Copy mail from
Outlook to the IMAP server.  Point Evolution (or Mozilla) at the IMAP

> 4.  MS Money replacement and data port.


> 5.  Completed acpi for my compaq 2700t (did the grub thing and it
> kinda works but presently on boot it says "toshiba_acpi.o doesn't
> exist")
> 6.  nix the powder blue background on the splash screen and make it
> black
> 7.  a pair of lined gloved. 

You can have mine, but they've got holes in them and you have to pay the
shipping :-)


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