Medion MD9570 graphics tablet (aka Aiptek)

Bryan Anderson fedora at
Sun Nov 30 21:17:54 UTC 2003

John Hearns wrote:

 > I see you've been to Aldi then :-)

They did these a couple of months back, but like all their offers, they 
sold out within the first couple of days. I heard about it sometime 
later when I noticed it in a computer magazine - like these things tend 
to do, they were giving details of the offer a couple of weeks after the 
event, but they did give it an excellent review for the price....I mean,
30ukpounds for an A4, pressure sensitive tablet, when they tend to 
average over 50ukpounds for the tiny ones in PC World (blah!).

So - this week, first thing on Thursday morning when the offer started, 
I ran down and got one for myself for xmas ;-) Works a treat in XP.....

 > There's a thread on this on the uk.comp.os.linux newsgroup,
 > which might be more help to you.

I started that thread! It looks like it's a no-go until the next release 
of XFree86.....whatever that is ;-)

Bloody shame though - apart from an alternative to CorelDraw (I've been 
really wanting Sodipodi to do the job, but it's not really up to it 
yet), everything I need to do can be done in FC1. I've been raving to 
everyone I know how stable, fast and MS-free Linux is and now I'll be
booting into Windows every time I want to use the tablet on my photos.

Bryan Anderson <fedora at>

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