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eol rh9-ximian and fedora...?


i just received (not surprisingly) the end-of-life notification from rhn
for red hat 9.
i'm currently using xd2 atop rh9, and afaik, red carpet uses my (free)
subscription of rhn as a channel, means all the files/programs which
haven't been replaced by ximians own (xd2-specific) are updated with the
files/programs provided by red hat. 

now, if "Red Hat will discontinue maintenance and errata support for 
Red Hat Linux 9 as of April 30, 2004", do i have to install fedora
afresh (because an update to fedora atop xd2 is afaik not possible) and
then xd2/3 again (if ximian will continue to provide xd for fedora) to
have my entire installation bugfixed (afaik i can use my existing
rhn-channel with fedora as i currently do with rh9), or will ximian
provide the bugfixing for the former rhn-provided rh9-parts, or...
so what exactly is the way to go for xd-users such as myself?

would be nice if someone could fill me in!


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