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Re: Several questions

Kai Thomsen wrote:
On Mon, 03 Nov 2003 11:31:43 -0500, Wade Hampton wrote
a strangely formatted posting:

2. Will Fedora finally fix the RPM lockup problem? With RH 8 and 9, sometimes RPM will just seem to hang and never return. I occasionally
have to kill -9 the rpm process then rm /var/lib/rpm/__db*. I NEVER
had problems like this with RH 7 and the older RPM (which also seemed
much faster).

On my RHL 9 machine, I haven't had those problems since upgrading to the
new version available on <ftp://ftp.rpm.org/pub/rpm/test-4.2/>.

I still have this problem once in a while with RPM 4.2, release 0.69. A serious problem when you count on RPM to update patches automatically from a cronjob every night on hundreds of hosts. If some hosts get their RPM database screwed... you get the idea.

Unfortunatly, I never got the problem reproduced systematically, thus I never opened a bug report on this.

Best regards, Hans Deragon -- Consultant en informatique/Software Consultant Deragon Informatique inc. Open source: http://www.deragon.biz http://swtmvcwrapper.sourceforge.net mailto://hans deragon biz http://autopoweroff.sourceforge.net

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