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Re: eol rh9-ximian and fedora...?

On Tue, 04 Nov 2003 19:56:56 +0100 -- Tim Kossack
<tim_kossack web de> wrote:

> to partly answer my own question:
> 'Yesterday afternoon Miguel de Icaza, co-founder of Ximian and
> current CTO, told me, "We are going to support Fedora, and we
> are going to support Red Hat. Remember, we want our software to
> be as widely used as possible." He added, "We are Linux
> vendor-neutral. We are going to support every Linux
> distribution because different markets have different needs. It
> just makes sense to be vendor-agnostic and support every player
> in town."...
> As to the void left by Red Hat offering Red Hat Network support
> only for Enterprise Linux customers, the Red Hat moves have
> created a golden opportunity for Ximian to expand its customer
> base. Ximian's Red Carpet provides the same type of services as
> the Red Hat Network - high-speed lines for downloads and
> automated updates for security and bug fixes - for a comparable
> price. All Ximian needs to do to gain new customers from those
> abandoned by RHN is to support Fedora, and they say that's what
> they're going to do.
> http://www.newsforge.com/article.pl?sid=03/11/03/2136258&mode=thread&tid=151

Novell owns Ximian and just announced it is buying Suse. Looks
like RedHat may have some real competition.


John Wendel

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